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Selecting A Community
There is no single definition that encompasses all of the possible meanings of the word "community." To some it describes the town or city where they live. To others, it can be a smaller area like a neighborhood or a crossroads in a town. And to still others, community exists in their work groups, professional associations, churches, or schools. Whatever your definition of the boundaries of community, the need to identify a community as part of the house hunting process is usually an important step in the home purchase process.

The following are elements that can be researched to add to your understanding of the "community" that you are thinking of settling in:

A - Neighborhoods often have a defined character based on the demographics of the residents, specifically as the demographics relate to the age of the occupants and accompanying lifestyle. An area can be predominately: couples at retirement age, singles or young families just starting out, dual-career couples without children, and families in primary of secondary schools.

B - The schools in an area often reflect the diversity and character of the people who make up the community. In addition to researching a schools system, according to national and state ranking systems, take the time to visit potential schools to learn about:

  • teaching philosophies and school goals
  • PTA activities parent involvement in the school, funding availability for technology and other important programs that fall outside of core curriculum
  • projections for growth or decline, and information about student/teacher ratios
  • availability of extra-curricular activities, sports programs, and the arts
  • the facilities and their ability to service the student population
  • the attitude of the leadership in the school towards keeping the school involved in the community at large.

C - The public areas often serve as a focal point for a community. While you are looking for properties, spend time visiting parks and playgrounds, shopping centers, theatres, restaurants, places of worship, and recreational facilities. You can learn about an area by seeing those places where people gather either to conduct business or to relax. It is also wise to assess the travel time to these key places in reference to the area you would like to live in.

Finding a community is almost as fun as finding the actual property that you want to buy. Enjoy the process and follow your instincts. Once you have identified the community of choice, the right home often appears!


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